The Bakery Online Shop -How it works

You can now shop and pay on line which is convenient and importantly safe especially if shielding.

You can collect and browse at the bakery or have free scheduled delivery in the North of island.  To Tobermory/Salen/Dervaig/Craignure on Weds and Fridays. Saturdays too if possible. (Preferred order £15 or £1 towards costs for small orders)

Inorder to ensure freshness and avoid wastage we are offering a slightly limited range during March as we await a gradfual return to normal life.  Please use the 'Shop' dropdown bar to select goody category and you can pay securely on line as you register in 'My Account'

Availability may vary slightly so please bear with us as we all get used to ordering this way. We will always do our best and may offer alternatives.

You may also message via our Facebook page or call 302225

Additionally Claire on 07592 630655 or Steve on 07977 907 113 if any urgent messages. Thank you

Apologies but it is not yet possible to regularly visit South Island but please call to see if special arrangements can be made.

Tobermory cupcakes