We are increasing our range of absolutely top quality local meats to give customers a wider choice.

We visit and work with the producers to ensure the best provenance, e.g. Ardalanish pictured here, very well tended cattle and sheep free to roam over 1500 acres down to the sea. .

We currently keep stocks  in our shop freezer and will advertise when fresh stocks are available. We can also order in specific cuts for you as available from local farms and estates. Watch this space or visit us for the very best in West Coast produce.

Free Range Manglitza Pork Leg (-10% RRP)£16.79
Free Range Manglitza Pork Leg (-10% RRP)£22.57
Torosay Brisket£13.98
Torosay Fillet£13.03
Torosay Fillet£5.83
Torosay Fillet£14.69
Torosay Popeseye Steak£8.49
Torosay Popeseye Steak£9.45
Torosay Popeseye Steak£10.20
Torosay Ribeye Steak£21.45
Torosay Sirloin Steak£19.54

Highland Coos

Call us for specific stocks and order on the following delicious meats.

  • Ardnalanish Beef 'as free as they can be' mature beef. Steaks, Roasting Joints , Diced and Minced 
  • Stunning Hebridean Hogget.
  • Torosay Beef and Pork Sausages various pack sizes.
  • Coming Later this Month exclusive Free Range Mull Mangalitza Pork.