Traditional Hand Raised Pies - old fashioned deliciousness

The Original Tobermory Bakery Pies. These are our specialist traditional hand raised pies. We use our own hot crust pastry and continually carefully selected cuts to make sure that we make that extra special authentic pie. We will continue to bring new and different varieties to our range. Due to the traditional slow crafting method, each pie is wrapped and tied to keep it shaped.

Ardalanish Highland beef and Hebridean sheep have the freedom of a 1500 acre farm that rolls down to the sea on the Ross of Mull.

The Free Range Mull Mangalitza Pork is a special and delicious dark pork very close to wild boar and the pigs roam a long life in the fresh air and woodlands on a large estate on the North of Mull.

The traditional pork pie is made from pork raised in the glen just outside Dervaig.

The vegan pie is very popular and is made with our special vegan filling in our own unique vegan pastry.

Ardalanish Steak Pie min wt 275g£4.50
Ardalanish Steak Pie with Haggis Min wt 275g£4.50
Free Range Mull Mangalitza Pork Pie min. wt. 275g£5.00
Traditional Pork Pie min. wt. 275g£4.50
Vegan Pie with slightly spicy tomato and mixed veg min wt 275g£3.85

Our delicious Cranberry Pork Pie