Bread from our ovens

In March  we will bake routinely for Weds and Fridays. If demand is higher we will increase production. On Saturdays we will just bake fresh rolls for now.

Granary Tin, Large (800g) Sliced£2.15
Granary Tin, Large (800g) Unsliced£2.15
Granary Tin, Small (400g) Unsliced£1.60
Morning Roll White£0.25
Morning Roll Wholemeal£0.26
Sourdough one size approx 800g£2.95
White Tin, Large (800g) Sliced£1.86
White Tin, Large (800g) Unsliced£1.86
White Tin, Small (400g) Sliced£1.50
White Tin, Small (400g) Unsliced£1.50
Wholemeal Bloomer, Large (800g)£2.00
Wholemeal Tin, Large (800g) Sliced£1.86
Wholemeal Tin, Large (800g) Unsliced£1.86
Wholemeal Tin, Small (400g) Unsliced£1.50

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