Bread from our ovens

We are now baking Mon through Friday. Due to national ingredient supply issues we may have to substitute loaf variety occasionally.

Granary Tin, Large (800g) Sliced£2.40
Granary Tin, Large (800g) Unsliced£2.40
Granary Tin, Small (400g) Unsliced£1.70
Morning Roll White£0.28
Morning Roll White x 4£1.00
Morning Roll Wholemeal£0.28
Morning Roll Wholemeal x4£1.00
Sourdough one size approx 800g£2.95
White Tin, Large (800g) Sliced£2.20
White Tin, Large (800g) Unsliced£2.20
White Tin, Small (400g) Sliced£1.70
White Tin, Small (400g) Unsliced£1.70
Wholemeal Bloomer, Large (800g)£2.20
Wholemeal Tin, Large (800g) Sliced£2.20
Wholemeal Tin, Large (800g) Unsliced£2.20
Wholemeal Tin, Small (400g) Unsliced£1.70

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